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Magpul Gen M3 Pmag AR-15 (223/556) MAGA-ZINE

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MAGPUL GEN M3 Pmag AR-15 (.223/5.56) Magazine - MAGA-ZINE

Capacity Options
10/30 (10 Round Modified)
15/30 (15 Round Modified for Colorado)
30 Round (Non Restricted States Only!)

These Magpul Gen M3 Pmags feature custom graphics on both sides. This magazine body is Black.

Calegalmags specializes in custom modifying magazines for capacity restricted states. The 10 and 15 round modified magazines feature an proprietary internal limiter and the base of the magazines are permanently sealed shut permanently with industrial polymer adhesive. These magazines can not be taken apart without destroying the magazine.

Shipping Restrictions do apply to capacity restricted states, please order accordingly to your local/state laws. Contact us if you have questions.

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