1. Magpul 10 Round Limiter PMAG 20 (3 Pack)

Magpul 10 Round Limiter PMAG 20 (3 Pack)

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Magpul - 10 Round Limiter - PMAG 20 (3 Pack)

NOT COMPATIBLE with the new "M3" version 20rd Magpul Pmags, only the older "straight body" 20rd Magpul Pmags. 

This replaces the floor plate insert and reduces the internal capacity to 10rds in a 20rd Gen2 version Magpul Pmag body. Please understand your local laws and regulations regarding this product.

The PMAG 10 Round Limiter installs in standard 20rd Magpul PMAG magazines reducing the magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

Designed for sporting and hunting applications, installation of the Limiter is simple, tool-less, and requires no permanent modification of the magazine body.

NOTE: This product does not make PMAG 20 magazines legal in jurisdictions where magazines with a capacity of 20 rounds are prohibited. Consult all local, state, and federal regulations prior to usage. 

Installing this product in a 20rd Magpul Pmag Rebuild Kit does not make it legal. The modified magazine must be made "Permanently Modified". There is no clear description from the DOJ as to what that means so it is open to interpretation. We strongly recommend that after you install this product you seal the mag body shut so that it can not be opened without destroying the magazine. If it can be opened and returned to a capacity over 10 rounds you will be in violation and are responsible for the consequences.

Made in U.S.A.

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