1. MSAR (E-4) 10/30 Magazine Plug

MSAR (E-4) 10/30 Magazine Plug

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Part Number: MSAR (E-4) 10/30 Magazine Plug
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MSAR (E-4) 10/30 Magazine Plug

Must be made permanent after installation. Simple drop in installation, under the spring in the bottom. Knowledge of the law and method of permanence is responsibility of the individual owner. Calegalmags accepts no liability from misuse or lack of knowledge regarding this product or how to use it.
Fits most AK magazines. Always double check capacity before sealing mag closed permanently to ensure proper capacity in your area.

Minor fitting may be required for these to fit properly. These are one size fit's all so they will not fit every mag body the same.

*Magazine in picture is for illustration purposes only. Not included with plug.
*Installation method recommended in product image is not approved by the CA DOJ

The mag plugs are simply plugs that are intended to limit internal capacity in magazines. How you make the modification "Permanent" is up to you. We provide an image of a recommended method on the product pages, but they are not approved by the CA DOJ. Installing the magazine plug by itself does not qualify as "permanently altered / modified".

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