Is your firearm California Compliant?
Featureless Solutions to Comply with current 2018 California Gun Laws

The State of California has mandated three options: go featureless, install a fixed magazine or register your weapon (the deadline for registration was June 30, 2018 and is no longer an option)

What is featureless?  A Featureless Rifle is the term used to describe a semi-automatic rifle that DOES NOT have any of the following:
  1. A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon
  2. A thumbhole stock
  3. A folding or telescoping stock
  4. A grenade launcher or flare launcher
  5. A flash suppressor
  6. A forward pistol grip
Add the following items to your rifle to become CA Compliant and Featureless


1. Surefire PROCOMP 556 Muzzle brake



2. Cross Armory Stock Lock (For adjustable stocks) 


1. MFT Engage Featureless Grip 


1. Hera CQR stock (Ca Version) *also takes care of the grip 
For those wondering, yes you can remove the aluminum plate if you move out of state. It does require removing the screws and opening the two halves of the stock to remove it. Ambi safety highly recommended for user safety (available seperately). 

MAGAZINE RELEASE BUTTON - Featureless rifles are allowed to have a standard magazine release button. 

1. Standard Magazine Release button & spring 


1. CMMG Ambidexterous Safety Selector- This is more of a safety upgrade, not a compliance item. Right handed shooters will not be able to manipulate the safety 

NOTE - If you are right-handed and using a featureless rifle your trigger hand will not be able to reach/select the safety. Instead you’will have to use the opposite hand. Once you install an ambidextrous-safety you can easily select the safety with your trigger hand.