1. Glock Extended Slide Release 9/40/357 3 PIN

Glock Extended Slide Release 9/40/357 3 PIN

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Part Number: Glock Extended Slide Release
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Factory Glock Extended Slide Release 9/40/357 (3 pin)

Factory Part# SP07496

If you can not reach the slide stop/release lever easily like most of us with regular size hands, this is a great item to help fix the issue. It is extended back towards the rear of the pistol and is easier to hit with your thumb to lock or release the slide without having to rotate your grip.

The Glock® Extended Slide Release, 3mm longer than the standard version, is designed to give you the leverage you need. The Glock® Extended Slide Release allows you to drop the slide easier and faster for quicker reloads and less down time between magazines. Whether you are a competitive shooter, recreational shooter or use your Glock® for self defense, you will benefit from the added ease of operation the Glock® Extended Slide Stop offers.


 * Glock® Extended Slide Release

* Manufacturer Number: SP07496 * Application: Drop in

* Fit:  All Glock® 3 Pin Models Glock 9 / 40/ 357

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