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Gear Sector H&K Adapter: Foliage Green | Item No: GS-2120

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Part Number: Gear Sector H&K Adapter GS-2120 FOL
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H&K Adapter: Foliage Green | Item No: GS-2120

Gear Sector™ slings are designed to utilize a modular weapon attachment system to accommodate a variety of weapon platforms. The H&K Snap Hook Adapter is ideal for weapons with a ring type single point receiver end plate or ring type rail mount.

If your weapon is already outfitted with a ring type mount add this attachment to replace the auxiliary adapter that comes with your sling. If you do not have a loop style mounting point, you may want to consider another weapon attachment. The adapter required depends solely on your weapons configuration.

Materials & Construction

The H&K Adapter is constructed using only the highest quality materials:

  • Material: MIL-W-5625 Tubular nylon webbing
  • Material: MIL-VT-295 #69 Bonded nylon thread
  • Material: ITW GhillieTex™ brand hardware
  • Material: Heavy duty steel snap hook
  • Construction: Double box stitch assembly
  • Compliance: 100% Berry Amendment Compliant
  • Origin: Made in the USA

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