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Can I order online and pick it up at your location?

Calegalmags is an online business. All orders must be placed via our secure website and will ship in the order received.

Why did my credit card get declined?

We have fraud prevention filters in place for our protection. To complete a transaction your billing address MUST match what your bank has on file. If it does not match our system will not accept your transaction.

Credit card verification is an automated communication that takes place between your card issuer and our payment processor Authorize.net.

There are a few common reasons for a charge to be declined:

  1. Billing Address Mismatch - Your card issuer reported the street address or zip did not match their records. Please phone them to make sure they have the address right. If you discover that the issuer has the wrong address and they correct it, it can take up to 3 business days for that change to propagate through the system.
    • P.O. Boxes: Card issuers often report P.O. boxes as no match, even if this is the address where they send your bill. Many will verify your physical street address instead. You may wish to call them and ask what address they use for AVS.
    • Apartment Numbers: Sometimes the bank will verify the apartment number instead of the street number. Try writing your address with the apartment number first, e.g., Instead of 456 MAIN ST, APT 123, try: APT 123, 456 MAIN ST.
  2. Security code mismatch - An incorrect card check number was entered during checkout. These are the 3 digits on the reverse side of the card.
  3. Fraud alert - Your charge may have triggered one or more fraud alerts. Examples include (but are not limited to) attempting to purchase with a card issued from a foreign bank or from an IP address located outside the United States.

Your card issuer is the best resource to resolve the first two issues.

Wait, my card works fine at other vendors!

Many merchants don't require either the billing address or the CVV code to match. To avoid credit card fraud, we require a positive match on billing address and security code.

Wait, I called my bank, they said the charge was actually authorized!

To the bank, "authorized" means the card number was good and there were sufficient funds available. But that's not the whole story. The billing address and security code have to also match, and the bank won't know that they didn't match until Authorize.net notifies them the charge was declined due to one or more of those reasons.

Wait, my card worked fine at your store before!

Every charge verification is a new transaction and does not take into account past successful charges. We don't store your card information. Something must have changed at your card issuer. Give them a call to verify your information is still current.

Wait, did I get double-charged? 

No, but it may look that way. Before a charge is declined, your bank actually deducts the charged amount from your balance to be sure you don't spend it elsewhere. On a declined charge your balance goes down but ours does not go up because no funds are transferred. It can take the banks a few days to a week to reset your balance back to normal.

Do you accept credit card gift cards?

No we do not. Gift card type credit cards do not have a billing address associated with them thus our fraud prevention filters will not allow the transaction if the card does not have a valid billing address on file with the card company.

I don't see the magazine I am looking for. Can you get items that are not listed on your website?

Yes, we have access to tens of thousands of items that are not on the website. Email us with details of what you are looking for. We will check pricing and availability and respond to your email on whether we can help you or not and what the pricing and availability is on the products you are looking for.
Please do not use our phone # voicemail to ask availability of items, we only reply to email requests or Contact Us (link on top navigation bar) requests. Phone requests are too time consuming and get lost easily with the amount of calls we receive. We ask this so we can be more efficient in assisting you with your request. With emails we have a record that we can easily refer to and it is faster for us to respond and more efficient all around for everyone.

Order Status Updates?

Orders status updates are sent via email when we receive the order (copy of invoice) and when we ship the order (shipping notification). We may send a processing email notification if we are awaiting items to arrive to complete the order or if we have a lead time due to high order volumes.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the status of your order. Or if you set up an account you can log in and check the status yourself at any time.

Do you ship outside of the US?


We do not ship any orders or any items outside the US.  It does not matter if the items are ITAR restricted or not, we simply do not ship anywhere outside the continental US.