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.458 SOCOM 10 Round Magazine (AR-15 / USGI)

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.458 SOCOM 10 Round Magazine

Caliber: .458 Socom

Capacity: 10 Rounds

Color: Black

Fits: AR-15 chambered in .458 SOCOM (or .50 Beowulf)

Material: USGI Aluminum magazine body, Stainless Steel Spring, Polymer Follower

Follower: Calegalmags Green .458 follower

Laser engraved markings on the magazine body for identification:
.458 SOCOM

These magazines are manufactured by Calegalmags as 10 round magazines with our proprietary .458 SOCOM (USGI) Green followers. The follower is purposefully designed to work with big bore rounds only. Smaller caliber ammunition is immediately ejected and can not be retained inside the magazine due to the follower design. These are not to be used for anything other than .458 SOCOM or similar sized big bore rounds such as .50 Beowulf. Minor modification to the magazine body may be required for some end users due to feed ramp and/or projectile tolerances.
Customers have been using these successfully with the 450 Bushmaster cartridge but we have not personally tested them ourselves yet since we do not have a 450 Bushmaster test rifle. 


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