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10/30 Tapco Ruger MINI 14 Magazine (.223) - Black

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10/30 TAPCO Ruger Mini-14 Gen2 Magazine (.223)

Caliber = .223 Remington

Capacity = 10 Rounds (in a permanently modified 30rd body)

Color = Black

Material = Polymer

NOTE: These are 30rd Tapco Mini-14 magazines that are permanently altered to 10rd capacity internally with a proprietary capacity limiter and the floor plate is sealed shut permanently with industrial polymer adhesive. The floor plate can not be opened on these magazines after modification.

Mini-14 30rd Gen II  Magazine features a reinforced metal clip designed to withstand years of use, a heavy duty spring, an anti-tilt follower and a mag body designed for maximum grip.

*For optimum performance, use brass ammunition.

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