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10/30 Magpul Pmag GEN M2 MOE AR-15 (.223/5.56) Magazine - Black

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10/30 Magpul Pmag Gen M2 MOE Magazine - Black

CALIBER- 5.56x45 NATO / .223 Remington

CAPACITY- 10 Rounds (in a 30rd modified magazine body)


Optional Upgrades (See product images for pics of upgrades / subject to availability):

-Install Black Ranger Plate (Pull tab baseplate that allows easier access from inverted mag pouches)
-Install Black Magpod (Monopod baseplate used instead of a bipod for a support when shooting off a bench or prone)

-Install Impact / Dust Cover - 
Protects the inside of the magazine from dirt & debris as well as impact protection if the magazine is dropped.

Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) is a line of firearm accessories designed to provide a high-quality, economical alternative to standard weapon parts. The MOE line distinguishes itself with a simplified feature set, but maintains Magpul engineering and material quality.

Magpul does not make or sell 10/30rd magazines, these are modified by Calegalmags! We have been the leader in modified CA compliant magazines since 2007, and this is our #1 selling item. Our modification is the best available!

Calegalmags modifies Magpul Pmag magazines to 10rd capacity internally. We manufacture our own proprietary limiters which we insert into the magazine to limit capacity to 10 rounds maximum. The limiters are chemical and heat resistant and will never break or fail. In addition to the limiter we also seal the bottom of the magazine closed "permanently" with a industrial grade polymer adhesive (no rivets or blind pins). This magazine can not be taken apart without destroying it! The magazine spring inside maintains full length of travel in the magazine body and is not restricted in any way with our modification. Pmag Ranger Plate can not be added or upgraded by the end user after this modification is performed. So if you would like one installed please choose from the upgrade menu above and we will permanently install it instead of the standard floor plate for you during the modification process.

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