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Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System 556

Part Number Ferfrans CQB (MMBS) 556
Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System 556
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The New Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System 

The new Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake Systeme is a two part system consisting of the performance MUZZLE BRAKE MOUNT + CRD (Concussion Reduction Device) which features a built in quick attach/detach mechanism.

Muzzle Brake Mount Specs:

Weight - 4.0 oz

Length - 2.28"

Brake Thread Pattern - 1/2x28

Caliber - (.223/556)

CRD (Concussion Reduction Device) Specs:

Length - 2.17"

Width - 1.6" Diameter

Total weight of the system combined is 10.4 ounces. 



 Muzzle brakes are valuable accessories due to the fact that they redirect propellant gas thereby mitigating felt recoil and muzzle movement which keeps shooter’s sights on target while firing multiple shots in rapid succession. The downside to muzzle brakes, however, is that it channels sound and expanding gasses sideways which may be extremely distracting for members of an entry team or fellow shooters at the range.

 Thus, there is an unmet need for an effective muzzle brake that has minimal side blast or concussion and to redirect sound to the front of the shooter. As alluded to above, muzzle brakes are not typically used in CQB/urban environments due to undesired side concussion that could be distracting to entry team members shooting next to each other in a closed environment or when shooting prone. We’ve also heard of many complaints about how loud effective muzzle brakes are at indoor and even outdoor ranges.


The Modular Muzzle Device System

 The FF CQB System meets the above-mentioned need for a muzzle brake that effectively mitigates felt recoil and muzzle movement while minimizing side blast/concussion and redirects sound to the front of the shooter. It is a two piece modular system that includes (1) a very effective high performance muzzle brake that has been extensively tested in full auto fire, and (2) a ported Concussion Reduction Device (CRD) that attaches to the FF Muzzle Brake using a quick detach mechanism. The CRD has strategically placed side ports that allow the muzzle brake to retain its compensator functionality as opposed to brake shields that cover the brake and negates its function.

With the CRD attached, recoil feels like a slight, straight to the rear push (it's a softer recoil feel, not the typical sharp kick).  It is, of course, a compromise between reducing side concussion versus minimizing felt recoil.  We believe we have achieved an optimal balance of sufficient brake/ compensator functionality (muzzle leveling effect) and side concussion reduction.  The CRD has a quick detach/attach mechanism to allow you to easily switch back to a full brake whenever you.

(FF CQB System; U.S. and foreign patents pending)

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