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FABIAN BROS Muzzle Stabilizer Device AR-15/M4/M16 (.223/5.56)

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Fabian Bros Muzzle Stabilizer AR-S-556

Threaded - 1/2x28

Caliber - .223 Remington / 5.56x45 NATO


Fabian Bros Muzzle Stabilizer is the most sophisticated muzzle control device ever created.

Fabian Bros Muzzle Stabilizer was created to overcome the failings of most muzzle brakes.  The Fabian Bros Muzzle Brake as an additional feature in that it not only significantly reduces recoil, it also improves accuracy while keeping the muzzle on target for the oft needed second shot.

  • Recoil reduction 30-40%
  • Group size reduction of 50% on quick follow-up shots
  • Adjustable for individual shooting styles and allows shooters to adjust for climb and side swing
  • Adjustable for one-handed and left-handed operation for rifles and AR pistol platforms
  • California compliant muzzle device.  Not a flash-hider
  • Machined out of steel alloy
  • Mil-Spec phosphate coating
  • Installation with timing lock-nut or crush washer

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